“According to the Christian Gospels, if

“According to the Christian Gospels, if you’re more concerned about who doesn’t deserve help than in actually helping, Jesus has a fundamental problem with the way you view the world.”
~My latest for The Good Men Project


For many people of faith, what’s going

For many people of faith, what’s going on in Washington right now isn’t just about partisan politics; it’s rooted in our moral understandings of what’s central to our faith. http://ow.ly/6nJT30aidiB

“A world caught in the grip of fear and

“A world caught in the grip of fear and hatred could use some Christians who are more concerned to live like Jesus than like those whom Jesus constantly accused of missing the point.”
~My latest for The Good Men Project

“How do we regain any semblance of mora

“How do we regain any semblance of moral integrity when we’re willing to dehumanize our neighbors for political advantage? How can anyone brag about a commitment to ‘family values,’ while destroying the families of those who are often the most vulnerable?”
~My latest for The Good Men Project​ http://ow.ly/61QY309iB18

“Just saying, ‘I’m not an Islamophobic

“Just saying, ‘I’m not an Islamophobic, Xenophobic, Homo/transphobic, racist’ isn’t convincing to anyone but those who already agree with you—no matter how sincerely you believe it to be true. Your actions are the best argument for who your really are, what you really believe. ”
~Derek Penwell on HuffPost http://ow.ly/RgEA309ipQH

“”The Bible is a lot of things (a repo

“”The Bible is a lot of things (a repository of poetry, history, theology, law, homilies, proverbs, etc.), but it is never systematic in its presentation—largely because the writers didn’t seem to have set out to give people a step-by-step guide to anything, let alone a blueprint or a set of instructions like the one that comes in that Lego Death Star set.”
~My latest for The Good Men Project​” http://ow.ly/M2xV308CeRL

“I think Jesus saves his arsenal of ver

“I think Jesus saves his arsenal of verbal pipe bombs for folks armored against the day-to-day humiliations suffered by just about everyone else, because nothing else penetrates. It’s hard to love people who live in in the impregnable fortresses of hegemony. Jesus loves them, however, by refusing to allow their carefully constructed barriers to keep him out. He wields a rhetorical street-sweeper, the ammunition for which is love jacketed in armor-piercing honesty.”
~Words for the #resistance http://ow.ly/IYdW308ujdP