My name is Derek.  I wear a number of hats: Sr. Minister, University Lecturer, and political snark-dropper.

I think the world is a wonderful, mysterious place that too often dumps on the last, the least, and the lost.  I envision a world in which justice defines the poleis we inhabit, and hate finds no home among us.  I think the Jesus of the Gospels is much more interesting than the Jesus of popular Christianity.  It strikes me that Jesus was someone most folks wouldn’t be caught dead with on a Saturday night.

I teach Religious Studies and Humanities at the University of Louisville and Theology at Bellarmine University, holding out hope that knowledge of another reduces fear of the other.  I’ve just finished writing and defended my dissertation on the intersections of virtue ethics, philosophy of emotion, and philosophy of literature, and the way we simulate emotional experiences when reading fiction.

I’m also a minister at a really great Open and Affirming church in the heart of the Highlands in Louisville, Kentucky.  We’re active in our community trying to address social injustices–both through advocacy and hands-on service.  We also support the Fairness Campaign, seeking to extend hospitality to all.

Most of all, I’m a husband and a dad, trying to do right by my family.