A Modest Guide to Helping People Re-think Their Biblical Understanding of Same Sex Marriage

two men holding handsWell, we’re all anxiously awaiting word from the Supreme Court about same sex marriage. Most likely before the end of the month. And general consensus from both sides seems to anticipate a ruling favorable to the prospects of LGBTQ people who want nothing more than to enjoy the same rights and benefits as everyone else, specifically the same rights and benefits associated with being recognized as legally married.

It’s going to happen. If not now, then soon. (But probably now.)

But the changing understanding of marriage presents some significant obstacles to people who believe that the Bible must be read as a timeless blueprint for personal, social, and ecclesial relationships. That is to say, many people who’ve grown up believing one thing about LGBTQ people are now facing mounting pressure to reexamine their interpretive strategies when it comes to the Bible. More and more, everyday folks are having to figure out how to reconcile the problem of living in a culture that increasingly views same sex marriage as no big deal with a particular kind of Biblical interpretation that does.

So, I thought I might provide a quick and dirty guide to how such a reconciliation might be accomplished.

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