Obama’s Announcement and What It Means for “Liberal” Christians | [D]mergent

That President Obama’s announcement of his support of marriage equality for LGBTQI people was met with consternation by many in popular Christianity shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. That his “brand” of Christianity fails to be persuasive to a portion of the Christian world should surprise no one either. It is common to dismiss anyone who supports hospitality to those created LGBTQI by God as deluded (at best) and evil (at worst).

What I continue to find troubling, though, is the extent to which people who oppose marriage equality maintain that any support of it by those who call themselves Christian is some kind of hermeneutical dodge. The working assumption seems to be that if you fail to employ some form of traditionally conservative interpretive schema, you can’t reasonably expect to call yourself Christian. Because everybody knows that “liberals” don’t actually believe anything important about God or the Bible or following Jesus; they’re just trying to baptize their godless agenda and impose it upon the unsuspecting majority of real Christians. What many people apparently find too difficult to fathom, however, is that some people—among whom I take President Obama to be one—hold these “liberal” positions not in spite of but because of their commitment to following Jesus.

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Obama’s Announcement and What It Means for “Liberal” Christians | [D]mergent.


One thought on “Obama’s Announcement and What It Means for “Liberal” Christians | [D]mergent

  1. Same-Sex Marriage: Why Christians Need to Think Again

    President Obama told ABC News yesterday that he believes same-sex couples should be able to marry. Needless to say, the president’s support for gay marriage is being met with a mixed reaction around the world. Some Christians insist there is a biblical ban on any expression of homosexuality and on homosexual relationships that is so unconditional, so unambiguous and so central to the Christian faith that it should be defended as strenuously as the doctrine of the incarnation. But a steadily growing number of evangelicals, Bible scholars and others assert the issue is not so cut and dried. Do Christians need to think again about gay marriage? And if so, why? Click the link to find out:

    -Alex Haiken

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