Religious but not Spiritual

Question: Isn’t, “I’m spiritual but not religious,” saying something like, “I love communication; I’m just not that into language?”

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3 thoughts on “Religious but not Spiritual

  1. The difference between the spiritual and the religious is the difference between the sentient being that your are and a hypothetical search for you. All the queries, motions, and getting about in the quest for God are religious activities. The existential fact of God is separate. The impact that the fact of God has on people that at last touch him makes them spiritual, communicating his existential properties to them, making them as he is. The search for him often assumes various forms of godliness, without the power that God is.

  2. Spirituality is the actual life of God, religion is the proverbial “corn maze” that people wonder through to find him consisting of all the myriad exercises that make them look godly, but they may not be spiritul, they may actually not have the life of God though they appear godly.

    Hope that’s more clear

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