RT @dmergent: Take the poll! Should Disc

RT @dmergent: Take the poll! Should Disciples vote to become Open and Affirming in 2013? http://bit.ly/nWejGl #ccdoc #ga11doc


One thought on “RT @dmergent: Take the poll! Should Disc

  1. Yes! It is my prayer that resolutions and energy will happen in the next two years to push the greater church toward a truly inclusive church. This would mean inclusive in childrens ministry level, global ministry level, home missions level, in all forming of new and old churches and in our leadership development level… let alone regional levels. The demand for inclusion need not come from glad, local congregations, or regional or general levels. It must come from ALL levels as we are ALL called to full inclusions as we strive to be truly disciples of Mesus. I hope too see resolutions written for and by all units. And i truly believe it is not a pie in the sky dream. I truly believe God can and does and is leading us toward this. So come on church! Listen up!

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