The New York Times Too?

How does one hold this stuff together?  A screen shot just moments ago of the New York Times article on the violence in Arizona–juxtaposed with an ad for firearms training.  No wonder we can’t get a handle on this.  Even at the New York Times, apparently the editorial department and the advertising department pull in wildly different directions.


2 thoughts on “The New York Times Too?

  1. Is the NYT online a replica of the print version? Could it be like Facebook and other web pages that target the ads to the web user and their ad selection software has mistakenly targeted you as being interested in firearms?

    • That would be interesting if it were true, but I don’t expect that as a public pacifist I come highly recommended to gun advertisers. I can’t imagine that the print version is ready to go, so I’d imagine this is the on-line version with all of its targeted ads. I just can’t figure out why–even if this is the product of some impersonal algorithm–somebody didn’t pull it, since it seems so strange to have the two side by side.

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