“One of the complaints I hear most ofte

“One of the complaints I hear most often about Christianity centers on its failure to produce Christians who actually look like Jesus. Christians, this argument goes, are merely shills for a political and economic system that seeks to protect the rich and keep the poor docile by distracting everyone with grave sounding discourse about the moral threat of gay marriage and transgender access to public restrooms.” http://dmergent.org/articles/2016/4/18/breaking-christians-are-supposed-to-love-poor-people

“What if salvation has everything to do

“What if salvation has everything to do with how we respond to poverty, homelessness, racism, and systemic injustice? What if your ‘personal relationship to Jesus’ is informed not just by how much you pray or whether you have the proper view of the trinity, but by how you treat the people Jesus had a nasty habit of hanging out with — you know, the folks on the fringes … the ones on food stamps, the ones who get fired for being gay, the ones whose children languish in jail cells on non-violent drug possession charges?” #mainliners

~In which I wonder how it is possible to follow Jesus and not be political http://dmergent.org/articles/2016/4/10/what-if-salvation-has-everything-to-do-with-politics

“Look, kicking vulnerable people in the

“Look, kicking vulnerable people in the teeth while calling it love doesn’t change the fact that it’s not love—which is bad enough. But kicking vulnerable people in the teeth so you can smugly tell yourself and your religious friends that your morality remains unsullied makes you the very kind of Pharisee by which Jesus was so regularly disappointed.” #mainliners

~My latest on HuffPost http://www.huffingtonpost.com/derek-penwell/maintining-my-own-moral-p_b_9637276.html

“The very way you demonstrate love for

“The very way you demonstrate love for God is by loving your brother or sister. You reveal your beliefs are genuine not just by proclaiming them publicly, or by believing them really, really deeply in your own heart, but by pursuing a world in which your brother and sister, those whom God loves, can flourish in justice and peace.” #mainliners http://ow.ly/10gjU5

“Give us strength to live with integrit

“Give us strength to live with integrity in a broken world, to face the violent fears that are so easily stoked within us, to challenge the hatred and bigotry that beckons us to view our sisters and brothers as ‘other.’ Give us grace to see our enemies through your eyes. Allow us to be agents of healing and peace, that a frightened world might see you in us, and that we might live faithfully, even in the absence of our own understanding.”
In which I offer a Prayer for a Broken World.
#mainliners http://ow.ly/ZZKlV

“For people whose worlds aren’t safe or

“For people whose worlds aren’t safe or livable ‘just the way they are,’ politics isn’t an annoying thing you get to scroll past when your uncle Ed’s posting too many ‘Take Back America’ memes. For some people politics is the only hope that the world everybody else is so satisfied with has a possibility of getting better; and they feel like social media is only way they can get the word out.” #mainliners http://ow.ly/ZKrRa