But it’s hermeneutically dishonest to co

But it’s hermeneutically dishonest to contort the Bible into a narrative that sees the fine folks on the low end of the power/wealth scale (i.e., the ones who gave us the Bible) wasting a whole lot of time writing a book meant to ensure that, above all else, rich people get to keep their toys from the hands of the predatory poor and their agents—the government. http://ow.ly/vhSQ303G5xJ

“Jesus tells the story of a Samaritan c

“Jesus tells the story of a Samaritan coming to the aid of a stranger in answer to the question: Who is my neighbor? The final answer to that questions turns out not to be the religious leaders who ignore the abandoned man’s plight, but the despised Samaritan. I imagine Jesus didn’t get a lot of amens after telling that story. Too radical. Insufficiently censorious of a person everyone knew didn’t have any rightful claim to God’s favor.”

Why Caring for Syrian Refugees Isn’t Optional for Christians | [D]mergent http://ow.ly/v7cw303sIHG

“I think that’s why white privilege is

“I think that’s why white privilege is such a tough nut to crack among white folks. We’re the heroes of the stories we tell about ourselves, and admitting to hitting the racial and economic lottery drains the narrative of a certain amount of heroic élan. We like to feel that we’ve somehow earned our “blessed” status (see what I did there?).” http://ow.ly/6sfQ303f7zb

“Life (individual or communal) is alway

“Life (individual or communal) is always an exercise in negotiating the potential hazards of risk vs. reward. Interesting lives are rarely lived in 8’x8’ safe rooms, fortified against the encroachment of every imagined danger. Lives that inspire awe and respect are lives that, when faced with fragility, opt to take the chance that failure is almost never worse than just staying at home with your cats and a copy of the Reader’s Digest.” http://ow.ly/vBjy3031PlZ

“The only cause over which it is worth

“The only cause over which it is worth getting exercised is getting exercised over causes. Any conviction, on this account, must take a back seat to the primary conviction, which is that no one should hold any conviction more strongly than the conviction that no conviction is worth holding strongly. The tone police brook no opposition on this.” http://ow.ly/7e8N3027JHg

“Let’s make America great again by devo

“Let’s make America great again by devoting ourselves to the implications of America’s earliest aspirations (and the heart of the Christian faith)—that all people are created equal, and that they deserve a political, social, and legal system that no longer punishes folks for being born with different abilities from everyone else, or being born the wrong color, or the wrong gender, or the wrong sexual orientation or gender expression, or on the wrong side of the tracks.”
~Derek Penwell on Huffington Post http://ow.ly/fAmf301Z00T