“The only cause over which it is worth

“The only cause over which it is worth getting exercised is getting exercised over causes. Any conviction, on this account, must take a back seat to the primary conviction, which is that no one should hold any conviction more strongly than the conviction that no conviction is worth holding strongly. The tone police brook no opposition on this.” http://ow.ly/7e8N3027JHg

“Let’s make America great again by devo

“Let’s make America great again by devoting ourselves to the implications of America’s earliest aspirations (and the heart of the Christian faith)—that all people are created equal, and that they deserve a political, social, and legal system that no longer punishes folks for being born with different abilities from everyone else, or being born the wrong color, or the wrong gender, or the wrong sexual orientation or gender expression, or on the wrong side of the tracks.”
~Derek Penwell on Huffington Post http://ow.ly/fAmf301Z00T

“A cursory reading of the Gospels sugge

“A cursory reading of the Gospels suggests that, for those of us who follow Jesus,love isn’t the perpetual need to make everyone else conform to our understanding of righteousness; it’s the merciful realization that Jesus has freed us from the responsibility of thinking that’s even our job.” http://ow.ly/QSWX300eJ1L