“At our best, people of faith consider

“At our best, people of faith consider ourselves to be people of the long table, a people motivated to extend welcome and protection to the stranger, the immigrant, and the refugee; to pursue friendship with the vulnerable and the imperiled; and to open ourselves up to be blessed by the presence of those who are too often easily forgotten, or worse, intentionally excluded.”

~My latest at The Good Men Project http://ow.ly/2JSR306XaCj

“Yeah, Jesus is a lousy example if what

“Yeah, Jesus is a lousy example if what you care about are the sins that vex much of popular Christianity. In fact, not only didn’t Jesus make it his mission to fish about for people to be offended by, he sought out the people that most of the rest of polite society saw as offensive, and then proceeded to go to the bar with them.” http://ow.ly/Qeqf306OU5k

“Saying that privilege doesn’t exist be

“Saying that privilege doesn’t exist because everyone has the same opportunities is like running in a 100 meter dash where everyone else but you is wearing a lead vest; you may be running the same distance, but it’s obviously not the same race for everyone else.”
~Derek Penwell for The Good Men Project http://ow.ly/jkHC306JhIg

“If we come together, if we embrace the

“If we come together, if we embrace the unity that finds its strength in our shared commitment to justice for all our neighbors, we can begin to reassure them that they need not live in the fear that they will be abandoned by the very people tasked with advocating on their behalf. And our unity will send a message to those in power that the values and beliefs that bring us meaning and purpose will not allow us to look the other way while our friends and families are torn apart by bigotry and fear.” http://ow.ly/6sKn306npEg

“And here’s the thing about unity, call

“And here’s the thing about unity, calls for unity too often come from a place of privilege. It sounds like the people in power trying to get those without power back in line, so there isn’t any more disruption to the system. That is to say, calls for unity by the folks in charge sound self-serving to everyone else.”
~My latest on HuffPost http://ow.ly/Ryrf3069Dsi