“Viewed as an obligation to act justly

“Viewed as an obligation to act justly toward those who don’t have the means to make the choices modern Americans value, giving takes on a completely different tone: Giving is something the ‘haves’ are a responsible to do in virtue of their having.”
~My remarks for the Tax Day March in Louisville

“Jesus can’t help but be a disappointme

“Jesus can’t help but be a disappointment to Christians who would rather not be bothered with the world God created — the one with traffic jams and dirty socks, with ballet and waterfalls, with love and generosity, with the poor and needy — than with the one to which they’ve been promised platinum membership passes at some future eschatological reckoning.” http://ow.ly/P7Yr30aPPQx

“A world caught in the grip of fear and

“A world caught in the grip of fear and hatred could use some Christians who are more concerned to live like Jesus than like those whom Jesus constantly accused of missing the point.”
~My latest for The Good Men Project

“How do we regain any semblance of mora

“How do we regain any semblance of moral integrity when we’re willing to dehumanize our neighbors for political advantage? How can anyone brag about a commitment to ‘family values,’ while destroying the families of those who are often the most vulnerable?”
~My latest for The Good Men Project​ http://ow.ly/61QY309iB18