“And therein lies the genius of the rac

“And therein lies the genius of the racist dog whistle/passive aggressive attack: If the people who’ve been wronged call attention to the offense, they’re immediately put on the defensive, forced to explain why they’re so thin-skinned and why they think so little of the offender that they would impute such nefarious motives.” http://ow.ly/p0ca3083gsN

“Quit talking about how small you are.

“Quit talking about how small you are. If I meet people and they immediately begin talking about what big noses they have, or their cousin Eddie who has a pet chicken, or the fact that they just had hemorrhoid surgery, I start looking for the nearest exit.”
~Some thoughts on how churches might begin to reimagine themselves in the coming year http://ow.ly/3MPb307BV0v

“A stray Starbucks generic winter desig

“A stray Starbucks generic winter design, or coercing the cashier at Target into saying ‘Happy Holidays!’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas!’ doesn’t have a chance of unraveling the perverse hold Christmas has on our society. Christmas isn’t going to unravel itself, guys. You progressives are going to have to get serious about this if you ever hope to rid the world of Santa and the baby Jesus.”
~Derek Penwell for The Good Men Project​ http://ow.ly/WxWH307xVco