“When Jesus prays about God’s kingdom c

“When Jesus prays about God’s kingdom coming, and God’s will being done on earth as it is in heaven, he’s saying something like, ‘Empower us to envision what the world would look like, O God, if you were the one sitting in the Oval Office—and then to live accordingly.'”
~My latest on HuffPost

“How can we who call ourselves by Jesus

“How can we who call ourselves by Jesus’ name look at the imperiled sheep and say that our job as shepherds only permits us to speak in soothing tones that mollify those who are too easily put off by talk of politics?”
~My latest on [D]mergent

“Whining about how persecuted you are w

“Whining about how persecuted you are when you say that by shouting at them all you’re trying to do is show people that you love them, strikes me as shameless rationalization of your unwillingness to do the kind of work that would actually demonstrate your love for them.”
~My lates on HuffPost http://ow.ly/OvgG30cAzyh

“If you go to an American town where a

“If you go to an American town where a fawning crowd of thousands of fundamentalists anxiously await your every tortured word of biblical interpretation, and nobody sends a roving band of Uruk-hai to round you up and throw you in a dank cell in Isengard, maybe persecution isn’t the most pressing problem you face.”
~My latest on HuffPost

“Fine, you felt humiliated in high scho

“Fine, you felt humiliated in high school by the popular kids, and so now it’s your turn to make them pay. But backing this moral lacuna is akin to hiring Freddy Krueger to be the master of ceremonies at your high school reunion. You’re aggrieved. But your revenge fantasy is going to get people killed … literally.”
~My latest on HuffPost

“I have determined that my children wil

“I have determined that my children will never have to wonder what it was their old man thought about marriage equality, or #BlackLivesMatter, or refugees, or gender equality, or Islamophobia, or treatment of undocumented workers, or transgender rights, or single-payer healthcare—or just about any other issue I can’t seem to shut up about.”
~My latest for The Good Men Project

“Viewed as an obligation to act justly

“Viewed as an obligation to act justly toward those who don’t have the means to make the choices modern Americans value, giving takes on a completely different tone: Giving is something the ‘haves’ are a responsible to do in virtue of their having.”
~My remarks for the Tax Day March in Louisville

“Jesus can’t help but be a disappointme

“Jesus can’t help but be a disappointment to Christians who would rather not be bothered with the world God created — the one with traffic jams and dirty socks, with ballet and waterfalls, with love and generosity, with the poor and needy — than with the one to which they’ve been promised platinum membership passes at some future eschatological reckoning.” http://ow.ly/P7Yr30aPPQx