“A cursory reading of the Gospels sugge

“A cursory reading of the Gospels suggests that, for those of us who follow Jesus,love isn’t the perpetual need to make everyone else conform to our understanding of righteousness; it’s the merciful realization that Jesus has freed us from the responsibility of thinking that’s even our job.” http://ow.ly/QSWX300eJ1L

“I suspect that the prospect of Donald

“I suspect that the prospect of Donald Trump being our bully, saying the things we really wish history hadn’t stripped us of the power to say, is the real reason for his appeal. Because, as far as I can tell, Trump’s base is mostly disaffected white guys convinced that anyone who’s not a disaffected white guy is part of a shady cabal committed to ruining the lives of disaffected white guys.”

~Derek Penwell on HuffPost http://ow.ly/3XE43008JjK

“One of the complaints I hear most ofte

“One of the complaints I hear most often about Christianity centers on its failure to produce Christians who actually look like Jesus. Christians, this argument goes, are merely shills for a political and economic system that seeks to protect the rich and keep the poor docile by distracting everyone with grave sounding discourse about the moral threat of gay marriage and transgender access to public restrooms.” http://dmergent.org/articles/2016/4/18/breaking-christians-are-supposed-to-love-poor-people