“So, from all the rest of us Christians

“So, from all the rest of us Christians who’ve been morally outraged by Donald Trump since he first opened his mouth … ‘Thanks a bunch! Wayne. Ralph. Tony. Franklin. Gary. We’ve not only read the Bible; we’ve actually tried to live the way it says to live. We’re not saying you’re not Christians; but we sure don’t think much of your Christianity.'”
~Derek Penwell on HuffPost http://ow.ly/BHxn3052XoW

“What if salvation has everything to do

“What if salvation has everything to do with how we respond to poverty, homelessness, racism, and systemic injustice? What if your “personal relationship to Jesus” is informed not just by how much you pray or whether you have the proper view of the trinity, but by how you treat the people Jesus had a nasty habit of hanging out with — you know, the folks on the fringes … the ones on food stamps, the ones who get fired for being gay, the ones whose children languish in jail cells on non-violent drug possession charges, the ones who come to this country as refugees trying to escape the death and violence in their homelands?” http://ow.ly/FD5f3047TZq

But it’s hermeneutically dishonest to co

But it’s hermeneutically dishonest to contort the Bible into a narrative that sees the fine folks on the low end of the power/wealth scale (i.e., the ones who gave us the Bible) wasting a whole lot of time writing a book meant to ensure that, above all else, rich people get to keep their toys from the hands of the predatory poor and their agents—the government. http://ow.ly/vhSQ303G5xJ